Harper instructs Canadian Jewish Congress on the value of Freedom of Speech

Saul Hayes also understood this. In the 1960s, he was a key member of the Cohen committee, which laid the groundwork for Canada’s first anti-hate law under the criminal code. It became an effective legal weapon against naked hatemongering without compromising the elemental right to freedom of expression, a fine balance that, quite frankly, we must work harder to maintain in this country…

From Prime Minister Harper’s address to the CJC Plenary.

A timely lesson the CJC and B’nai Brith desperately need to relearn. Support for the democracy killing thought crime law Section 13 (1) has alienated supporters of Israel both within and without the Jewish community. Both the CJC and and B’nai Brith through their continued support of censorship by the out of control human rights commissions have effectively done Israel and its supporters among their fellow Canadians a disservice that amounts to a public relations disaster. The consequence is that the “anti-zionist” left is provided the wedge issue of censorship which has enabled them to define Israel’s defenders as intolerant thugs opposed to even the merest criticism.