If Elmo were Kiiiinnngggg of the Forest….

Not duke, not prince, not earl…he imagines what Obama probably wants to say…

Here is my proposed text of the speech Obama should give if he truly wants to “engage the Muslim world”:

“The U.S. will have to work hard to change course because over the years it has cultivated a culture of violence that violates the most sacred canons of religion, including Islam.

I will end our occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. I will press Israel to end its 42-year-old occupation of native Palestinian lands. I will work with Iran in its quest to gain the know-how to generate nuclear energy.

Muslims have championed social justice, equality, and tolerance, and over the centuries have been at the forefront of defending these values. We in the West must realize that it is in our interest for Islam to remain strong.”

Obama crazy? Sure, but not as crazy as Elmo.