Springtime for Bernie – Ezra wallops the CJC

Update: Ezra blasts grievance hustler Bernie Farber and his anti-christian far left agenda.

Ezra comes back swingin at the CJC and their comic history with an earlier generation of Basement Nazis in this revealing piece – The Canadian Nazi Party – a party of one. For background see this piece by Ezra and the CJC’s rebuttal – here.

“At least 4 groups – JCRC, N3, Englisman and Irv, and COIN had succeeded in infiltrating the Neo-Nazis…the reality is that more outsiders had information about the neo-nazis than those inside the movement itself” – see page 129 of Delayed Impact on google books.

Comic relief aside, the unfortunate consequence to Canada was the birth of thought crime law Section 13 (1), truly the mutant result of good intentions gone horribly wrong – a Delayed Impact indeed.