Susan G. Cole’s mind…

Is a very funny place

Where everyone

wears a very racist face

So never disagree

With a leftist as you shall see

In that funny place …. *

Susan G. Cole provides us the Rosetta Stone to the leftist mind:

Here’s how I see it. If you see a picture of a person you know is Jewish juxtaposed with money – for which the illustration has a context – and you see something anti-Jewish, then you’re the anti-Semite, not me.

Well I always supected Bernie Farber was up to no good, leading the CJC astray as he has;) Personally I don’t think that Cole is any more anti-semitic than say Karl Marx.

Ezra wallops her again here.

*Sung to the theme of one the worst Canadian cartoons ever –The Wizard of Oz , where you may listen to the original.