Canadian Human Rights Commission releases report on adding Social Condition as a prohibited ground of Discrimination

The report is dated as being submitted in February of 2009, odd, though I knew this report was in the works, to my recollection, I have seen no public mention of this in any of the CHRC’s recent newsletters which is curious as Social Condition is a subject dear to the hearts of the cultural marxists who have infiltrated the human rights apparatus in Canada.

The addition of Social Condition to the CHRA is nothing more than a power grab by the grasping extremists who have, in Senator Jerry Grafstein’s words, taken the human rights commissions “hostage”. Make no mistake, the addition of “Social Condition” to the Canadian Human Rights Act is a means to undermine both our judiciary and elected representatives.

Their own report warns of the abuse rogue agencies such as the CHRC and CHRT can inflict upon an unsuspecting citizenry.

Lastly, there are concerns related to the institutional competence of the statutory human rights regime to deal with matters of socio-economic inequality. (Or anything else I may add)

A second institutional argument is that adding social condition would afford the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal too much administrative discretion related to complex socio-economic issues.

We also believe this concern can be addressed by an appropriate definition and existing rules of administrative law that control the exercise of administrative discretion.

Institutional competence? Please. Both the CHRC and the CHRT have made a mockery of our Charter Right of Free Speech via their unbridled abuse of the demagogic Section 13 (1) thought crime law, and have continually allowed staff and hangers-on to abuse both due process and natural law. They are bluntly, untrustworthy and by no means merit the publics confidence on this or any other matter.

The report may be read here.

I’ve written about the CHRC’s efforts to implement “Social Condition” as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the CHRA here and here, this initiative must be stopped cold. Of course you know how vile a notion the addition Social Condition really is – the Liberal Party endorsed it at their recent Iggy Coronation.