In the future everyone will be a racist for 15 minutes: Institutional Jew Hatred at University of Toronto – It’s Academic

Two takes on the same event that perfectly illustrate the bizzaro world inhabited by supporters of Palestinian terrorism and the Islamist agenda. Disagree with a leftist and you are a racist, never mind the facts. Alleged Dr., Ghada Karmi, gave a talk at the University of Toronto sponsored by NECEF, Science for Peace, Canadian Arab Federation, and the Canadian Friends of Sabeel, weirdness ensued.

I stood up and said, “Look at yourselves. You are calling me a racist because I presented statistics from the World Health Organization and UNICEF. What was racist about that”? Several people called out, “You are a racist”. I said, “You people are interested in only talking to yourself” and as I walked out a man sitting along the aisle said to me, “You are a racist. I am a Jew and I can smell a racist”. Another woman beside him said, “You are a racist”.

Read the rest here, and read a take on the same event from the other (crazy) side here.

“Yesterday’s minor incident at the Ghada Karmi talk is an instance of the peculiar variety of racism embraced by Israel and its supporters. They don’t accept responsibility for the misery they impose on Palestine. In their public relations efforts, they attribute Palestine’s misery to the shortcomings of “the Arabs”. That is a racist position.”

Good lord.