Hello and Farewell to Ted Belman of Israpundit

Ted of Israpundit fame is moving to Israel on May 19th. The good news being that he will keep his fine blog going. This evening we had the pleasure of attending Ted’s going away party. Good wishes were exchanged followed by a lively discussion on topics ranging from Section 13 (1) to Obama’s intentions regarding Israel. Stop by Ted’s blog and wish him well on his journey.

Ted and FiveFeet

I met Gilbert an IDF veteran and also Gilbert’s friend – the depleted uranium armour piercing round. You don’t want to mess with Gilbert.

An oddity of war, again courtesy of Gilbert. This is the tail fin from a mortar round targetted at IDF troops, thankfully no one was injured in this attack. Look closely and note that this round was produced by an Israeli armaments manufacturer. How it ended up in the hands of terrorists is anyone’s guess.