Bumped: Susan G. Cole: Ezra just wanted to taunt Muslims cause he’s a white guy and a money grubbin Jew

Update: Given the the magnificent drubbing Susan G. Cole of NOW Magazine has taken in the comments over her bigotted screed I thought I’d bump this piece and encourage readers to send her a bit more love. PS. Get a load of the graphic (below) Ms. Cole used to identify Ezra as a money grubbin Jew.

Perhaps the most unbelievably stupid piece ever written on the subjects of human rights commissions and Ezra Levant, surpassing even Pearl “Texas Cage Match” Eliadis and Mary “Wooefully ill-Informed” Sims for sheer depth and breadth of ignorant opinion.

Of course, I no sooner make that claim than this turns up at “Muslim Lookout”. Scary.