Why Israel is a good country in a bad neighbourhood

Or are Globe & Mail commentors a bad neigbourhood?

…Let there be no mistake, you come into my house and destroy everything, you bomb my neighbors and kill my family and I will KILL YOU. This is not a threat, this is a certainty. You sow what you reap and I have no sympathy for the aparthied state of Israel or your facist youth wearing t-shirts with “disturbing images”. I can just imagine. Depraved. Reap what you sow, lay down in the fire. Now let’s see if my comment will make it through G&M filtres, because our government and media owners (all five of them) bow down before Israel and place higher value on loyalty to Israel than they do on their own country, which is why they feel the need to constantly repress Canadians’ true feelings on that parriah country that would be nothing more than a dust-bowl piece of filth if it weren’t for U.S. welfare and military “aid”. What a pathetic disgrace.

At the time of this post not a single supportive comment. There are days when supporting Israel brings to mind Whittiker Chambers – ”I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side.”

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