Canadian Arab Federation – International community duped by Canadian Government, Racist Canada mean to immigrants

Canadian Arab Federation’s statement at the Durban Review Conference – Geneva.

Thank you Madame Chair,

The Canadian Arab Federation is an umbrella Infidel Hating Jew-Baiting organization that represents almost 30 Arab Canadian groups across Canada. Since 1967 the Canadian Arab Federation has been the political voice for the Arab anti-semitic middle-eastern community in Canada.

Today the Arab community is under siege and is increasingly marginalized Jason Kenney won’t give us Free Money. The already existing and rampant racism against Arabs and Muslims made up claims of racism, was only exasperated after 9/11, when we actually gave them a reason to regard us with something less than multiculti love. The legislative measures and xenophobic public discourse resulted in an alarming erosion of the rights and civil liberties of the Arab community which led to abuse and shocking crimes like those committed against Arab Canadians Maher Arar, Abdullah Almalki and currently Abousfian Abdelrazik. These men were tortured and jailed following information shared and sent by Canadian security officials. This type of institutionalized racism and its pernicious effects has now resulted in the Arab community in Canada having the highest unemployment rate amongst immigrants despite having high levels of education Those damn Canadians insist that we adopt their filthy infidel ways!. Furthermore, 1 in every 3 Arab Canadian children live under the poverty line.

Members of these Arab groups move to Canada in the hopes of enhancing their economic situation and, more importantly, to live in a democratic state which allows them to express their views and participate fully in the new society to use existing laws to undermine Canadian society and institute Sharia. This hope seems more and more betrayed. The capacity of contributing as a citizen is now limited as a member of the Arab Canadian community. Fundraising initiatives in charitable organizations for Hamas and Hizbollah are limited for fear of being accused of contributing to terrorist organizations.

The fundamental right of freedom of expression in a democracy seems to have been taken away from Arab organizations, They won’t let us chant kill the Jews! The recent attack of Stephen Harper against the Canadian Arab Federation was an attempt to muzzle our voice; funding to our organization was cut because we were critical of the unconditional support by the Canadian government for Israel during the massacre of Palestinian children and women in Gaza, They won’t give us free money to chant Jewish Child you are gonna F&CKIN Die at our rallies.

In Article 10 of the declaration of the Durban review conference, the international community clearly denounced any legislative measures, policy and practices based on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance that are incompatible with democracy, transparency and accountability. Treatment inflicted on the Canadian Arab Federation is an eloquent example of this type of abuse We’ll lie through our teeth because we know Idiot Liberals will cut their own throats in our defense Ha Ha.

Madame Chair, the fact the Canadian government. refuses to participate in this conference is a clear result of its incapacity to defend the deplorable situation faced by the First Nations, racial minorities and Arabs and Muslims in Canada support us in our Jew Baiting efforts.

Finally, the international community cannot be duped by the Canadian government’s discourse of multiculturalism and inclusion when we know that behind such discourse is the reality of inequity and social injustice against many communities including the Arab community.

-Mohamed “Jethro” Boudjenane, Executive Director of the Canadian Arab Federation, addresses the Durban Review conference attendees on Friday April 24, 2009.