Q&A: Jason Kenney on George Galloway and free speech

Q: Do you agree with the prime minister’s decision not to seek elimination of free speech prohibitions under the Human Rights Act?

A: Well, the prime minister is a well-known advocate of freedom of speech, he led by example as president of a national citizen’s coalition in that respect, and I have no reason to believe that’s changed. It’s a matter of record that our party convention adopted essentially unanimously a motion on this matter, and that the Canadian Human Rights Commission commissioned a report of their operations in this respect, which I believe actually recommended elimination of Section 13. My understanding is the prime minister has said the government doesn’t have any intention to act on that at this point, but obviously our government takes note of those facts.

Well that was bit like asking when did you stop beating your wife, however Harper is a cautious man, overly so on the Section 13(1) file. The CHRC’s do-over report on the Moon report which called for the elimination of 13(1) from the CHRA is due this summer – reportedly.

No action will occur until everyone has had a good laugh at Jennifer Lynch’s expense.