Liberals following Canadian Human Rights Commission agenda propose implementing “Social Condition”

Very ugly news has surfaced in the LPC policy discussion document which should guarantee that the Liberals never be allowed to govern again.

I’ve written about the CHRC’s latest efforts to implement “Social Condition” as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the CHRA here and here – it is a naked power grab which should be vigorously opposed.

What will “Social Condition” entail? Does the Sub-Prime Mortgage mess ring a bell: For instance, financial institutions may assume that all people who have low paying jobs are an unacceptable risk for a loan.

We were told during our consultations that complaints were filed with the Commission on behalf of single mothers denied mortgages because they were on welfare or could not meet minimum income requirements.

I’d say goodbye property rights but we don’t have any written in our charter.

Or, an employer may impose unnecessary job requirements that deny employment to capable people who have low literacy skills as a result of their social disadvantage.

Now with the proposed inclusion of “citizenship status” one can only assume the Liberals are cultivating brave new victim class voting blocks – Can you say Gitmo Inmates for Ignatieff?

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the next government to ensure that:
• the mandate of the CHRC is expanded to include type of citizenship status and socio-economic class as a ground of discrimination

See page 26 in the policy document.

The Liberals are also in lockstep with the CHRC’s desire to march in time to the beat of their cultural marxist masters at the U.N.

The Libs propose:

• the CHRC be given the power to monitor the implementation of our commitments and obligations to enforce its recommendations;

This means subservience to the UN plain and simple, the goal is to do an end run around our elected officials and judiciary. I see new HRC legisaltion calling for an end to the Defamation of Islam as a main plank in the Liberals next election platform. Don’t believe me? Liberals – MP Paul Szabo, MP Bonnie Crombie, and Omar Algabra attended the recent Palestine House event which hosted the anti-semitic Sheikh Akrama Sabri (Imam of Alaqsa Mosque) and Bishop Attala Hanna, attendee’s were exhorted to vote Liberal as the tide had turned and the majority within the LPC now favoured the Palestinian cause over Israel.

And what else? Not a mention of notorious thought crime law Section 13 (1). And why would they? Liberals are anything but.