Anybody wanna file a Hate Crime Complaint with the CHRC?

Ezra was pilloried for this:

Now do you honestly think the CHRC would go after a York University student newspaper for this? Hardly. Read the rest at Honest Reporting.

Brazilian “cartoonist” Carlos Latuff would have fit right in at Der Sturmer, here’s his defense:

I try to keep focus on what really matters. For example, regarding the Palestinian/Israeli question my problem is not about being Jewish or about religion- no. People try to attack me and label me an anti-semite or racist, this kind of shit all the time- you know well what I mean – these kinds of allegations are always used by certain people in suppressing any kind of criticism towards Israel. My concern is about not getting into racial or religious issues because that is not my point. My point is called politics, imperialism, war for territory.

Well Mr. Anti-Imperialist when you start to caricature Mohammed and Islamist suicide bombers I may grant you a hearing, until then you’re just another leftist anti-semite.