Lying Jackal plumbs new depths with latest specious legal action…

Yet more douche-baggery from Warren Kinsella. The Jackal is upset at the Surly Beaver and has filed a law society complaint against him.

Warren if only you knew what people in the media say about you…what you do know, well that’s not the real juicy stuff;) Evidently the sole purpose of the Jackals existense is to harass anyone who points out what a laughable joke his life has become, that’s pretty much a full time gig for certain. Soldier on Warren.

How can Michael Ignatieff continue to turn a blind eye to the antics of the “Human Shrapnel Machine”? Racist slurs against the Chinese, the attack on a leading Jewish advocacy group, his continued vendetta against free speech, the Jackal is a millstone. Clearly Iggy’s judgement must be regarded as questionable. Then again how do you fire a volunteer? At least Iggy was smart enough not to pay Kinsella.