You never know when Robert Fisk is telling the truth…

Much more revealing, however, was the long car journey I took next day across the frozen tundra of Canada during which two Muslim Canadian men – yes, yes, they had beards – explained to me just why their community was so silent about the iniquities perpetrated by their local dictatorships back home. I had suggested that they were rather too beholden to those regimes – for funding and political support. They agreed – up to a point.

“Mr Robert, you have to understand something,” the driver suddenly said. “They have their ‘mukhabarat’ agents here in Canada. Whenever there is even a dispute between families, anyone who’s angry can report back that his antagonist is anti-regime. We have to remember that we have families still in our Arab countries. They can be arrested. Or we can be arrested when we go back to visit them.”

And so I began to learn what it is like to be an Arab Canadian.

Hmmmmm, of course the “Bad Muslims” are all in the employ of more or less “Western” client states. Well he’s told half a truth here;)