Warren Kinsella AKA The Lying Jackal forced to admit the truth

Todays Macleans article confirms what Warren Kinsella wished never had seen the light of day. The e-mails in which he threatened the Canada Israel Committee are real. Shimon Fogel of the CIC provided verification.

“And Kinsella’s lawyer served Maclean’s with a notice indicating that Kinsella had resigned from the Canadian Jewish Congress, where he had served as a volunteer–although Maclean’s hadn’t asked about Kinsella’s relationship with the CJC…”

As for his “resignation” from the Canadian Jewish Congress? Is that what they’re calling it nowadays? After an e-mail exhange like that? Well if you say so Warren. Remember folks, even when the Jackal is telling the truth he’s lying.

Now the question remains how can Michael Ignatieff tolerate working with an unprincipled liar like Warren Kinsella?
PS – Can’t help but note that comments are closed at Macleans;)