Oh The Horror! Oh the Humanity! The violent nature of the opposition to the Israeli Wine Boycott Exposed!

Update: Intrepid videographer Frumpy has extensive and contradictory footage of Sundays event. See it here.

Personally I was occupied at the Liberal Party fundraiser on Sunday and alas missed this shocking event that took place on the streets of “Toronto the Good”!

“The Zionists accomplished what the Nionists could not have done on their own – they created a situation that generated negative media coverage that revealed the aggressiveness and abuse used by Israel’s supporters againist their opponents, particularly against dissenting Jews.”

Oh yea and it’s all captured on tape, quick someone convene a war crimes trial, call Barbara Hall anything to stop the violence in our streets…Oh the humanity.

A sample of the invective hurled at boycotters – “Boycott Matzos next time..sales are down”, why that’s just pure hate, beyond the ability of mere words to describe, no question.

Of course screaming out “Jewish child, you are gonna f&ckin die” is just okey dokey.