My Dinner with the Sheikh

RightGirl and I had dinner with Sheikh Akrama Sabri (Imam of Alaqsa Mosque) and Bishop Attala Hanna this evening courtesy of Palestine House. The only thing deader than the rubber chicken served was any hope of Israel’s survival should the shared vision of Hanna and Sabri ever reach fruition.

Repeated calls were made by the Shiekh for the liberation of “The Holy Land of Palestine” , as well as the “whole” of Palestine. This call was echoed by the Bishop who stated specifically that the only solution was “One Palestine” – a real crowd pleaser by the way. Israel was described as a non-viable state reliant for its existence upon violence and foreign military aid and merely a temporary occupation force within “Holy Palestine”.

Shades of Ahmadinnerjacket: When the Palestinian state is established, and that day is coming soon we were assured, only those nations which sided against Israel would be among the favoured.

Huzzahs all round by the crowd when shout-outs were made to CAF and fellow travellers, Sid Ryan, CUPE and CUPW. The crowd was also pointedly advised that the pendulum has swung and they should be sure to vote Liberal as most grit party members now favoured the Palestinian cause over Israel – Yea Lying Jackal you read that right. Neither Jason Kenney nor PM Harper were favoured with a cheer when their names came up.

Liberal MP Paul Szabo, Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie, Omar Algabra and Carolyn Parish – Mississauga’s next Mayor according to a local reporter covering the event, all being “that type of majority Liberal” were noted guests.

What was striking was listening to various of the speakers recite as if by rote all the Multi-Cult calling cards – diversity, shared “Canadian” values etc, close your eyes and you’d think Bernie Farber was MC’ing.

However the night wasn’t all serious drama as this photo attests. Here, in a candid shot, we have Bishop Hanna Montana and some unnamed Arabs making fun of the Imam’s sartorial style.

Wendy’s take on the night: My Kinkiest “date” ever!

NB: The Imam’s comments were relatively brief and translated in short bursts. The Bishops comments were translated in part by a helpful tablemate. Wendy has his entire speech recorded, we are seeking a skilled Arabic translator. If not we’ll just make stuff up cause he’s up to no good anyway;)