On Brigitte Gabriel and Free Speech….

Lumpy and or Grumpy has a good review of Ms. Gabriel’s talk – Go Out Fighting

There is an old Arabic saying, First comes Saturday then comes Sunday. A soundbite frequently used by terrorist muslim organizations. Translation, first destroy the Jewish state then go after Christian nations.

Last evening I had the honour of listening to Brigitte Gabriel , recount her personal experience at the hands of murderous Islamists in a talk she gave for the CHW Toronto chapter as part of their “One Campaign”.

During her talk she mentioned that PM Harper has had to intervene twice to ensure her entry to Canada – this was news to me. But I see from this Cair-Can press release that they hoped to have Ms. Gabriel denied entry to Canada in retaliation for the George Galloway brouhaha. Not two minutes later the audience was cheering the banning of Galloway. How odd. Censorship is good for business all round I am afraid and counter productive.

At any rate it was a great talk in support of a good cause. Ms. Gabriel reiterated a growing theme, it’s time to take the gloves off and confront the threat posed by the Islamists and their supporters among the anti-semitic left head-on. Perhaps the most heartening event of the evening occurred during the Q&A session when a young man of Middle-Eastern extraction rose to tell the audience that he supported Ms. Gabriel’s views and chose to attend her talk despite the personal risk of violence this entailed – violence that would be visited upon him by members of his own community should they learn of his prescence.

  • PS. Ms Shelley Fine, One Campaign Chair, managed a graceful recovery after performing a face plant while exiting the stage, perhaps she caught site of Meir Weinstein of the JDL in attendance;)
  • PPS. What the hecks a WIZO?