Elmo on tour – coming to a mosque near you!

Mohamed “Elmo” Elmasry is on tour promoting “The Canadian Charger” and giving a talk on “The right to know” – Gaza and the media , why fair alternative media is urgently needed

He’ll be at London’s Main Mosque Friday April 10, 2009, Edmonton’s Al-Rashid Mosque April 18th, Winnipeg’s Main Mosque, April 24th, Vancouvers SFU Harbour Center May 1 and the Burnaby Mosque May 2nd.

I wonder what type of alternative media coverage to expect from the Charger? The latest additions to the “Board of contributors” may answer that: Imam Salam Elmenyawi – “a person of interest” to authorites according to Fabrice de Pierrebourg in his book Montréalistan. As usual 9/11 truthers continue to figure prominently but Carolyn Parrish? Now that’s just crazy!