Anyone I don’t like gets banned….so there

The Canadian Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and B’nai Brith are calling for Canada to ban Ekrima Sabri the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, from speaking at Palestine House, oh yea and some Greek Orthodontist as well.

Quote of the day: A spokesman for Palestine House called both men “moderate.” Uh huh.

Things were better when Sean Connery was the Mufti.

This comes on the heels of the recent George Galloway Ban. While keeping Galloway and the former Mufti out might be described as simply “good housekeeping” it sets an unwelcome and unfortunate precedent, free speech really does apply to all, even to those whose views we find distasteful.

Besides aren’t you just salivating at the thought of videos of these events, covertly shot or otherwise, making their way to the web? Isn’t it a better tactic to allow the Jew Baiters and their supporters to operate in the light of day? I think so.

That said, you can’t help but marvel at the hypocrisy of the pseudo-left in Canada. The same groups who are up in arms over the Galloway ban support the boycott of Israeli academics, had no problem with the infamous Benjamin Netanyahu riot at Concordia, and have actively called for the banning of Moshe Feiglin etc etc etc…

Have a look at Canpalnet – that’s the Canada-Palestine Support Network one of “those” in favour of Galloway. They have an entire page devoted to the “Jewish Lobby” in Canada, as per usual all of your favourite jew-baiters are to be found there, including Greg “The Host and the Parasite” Felton and Kim Petersen . Nope no hidden agenda there;)