Help Me Randa! Help, Help Me Randa! Help Me Randa Please! It’s Your Daddy Khaled….

The fruit does not fall far from the tree they say. Randa Mouammar daughter of Khaled The Dubious speaks on Daddy’s behalf! Khaled what a guy! Why he’s more Canuck than most Canadians according to Randa;)

Here’s a couple of the low-lites:

“The allegations against him, many on their face spurious and without basis whatsoever (like Mouammar supposedly calling Bob Rae a racist because – if you can believe as one Post writer claims – “his wife is Jewish” alone) are not even worth the ink they’re printed on. Others are outright racist, some even stripping him of his identity as a proud, albeit conscientious, Canadian.

Randa I hate to break it to you, but here’s the real story on Daddy’s anti-semitism.

When Mouammar quoted a well-known and respected American political scientist in using the term “whore” in reference to the PM, the Liberal leader and the Immigration Minister of Canada, cries about his un-Canadian-ness began to emerge. Using “whore” however to describe those individuals who compromise their moral principles in exchange for personal gain (thereby ‘whoring’ themselves) is pretty darn Canadian after all. In even bodes well within Canada’s political vernacular.”

I can’t even begin to describe the convoluted conspiracy rationale here. Personal gain? That’s a new one, those damn JOOO’s bought em off! Suffice it to say Randa says calling the people who sign your cheques a whore is A-OK in her household.

The Durban Conference on Racism is being boycotted by Canada because the Conference itself is anti-Semitic or, oddly, somehow “racist” against Jews….

I mean WTF? Are they all this retarded?

Lots of stuff on the “Jewish Lobby” controllin the media and she has a bee in her bonnet about the National Post. Read the rest here.

PS. This Chicky is allegedly a lawyer! – Randa Mouammar-Nimry is a Canadian lawyer with CGI LAW OFFICE and a Canadian citizen, and is recognized as an “authorized representative” by Canada’s immigration authorities. As such she can and will work to help you navigate through our immigration process. Winderful, an immigration lawyer to boot, no doubt aiding Daddy’s refugee friends. Hmmm LSUC complaint anyone?