CC the Jew-Baiter!

Halls of Macadamia and DustmyBroom have both posted a link and screen shots of “leftist/progressive” blogger Canadian Cynic’s most recent deranged posting, An excellent investment, Jewily speaking, which makes the bizarre suggestion that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been “bought” by B’nai Brith.It’s old news that anti-semitism’s new home is to be found among todays laughably self-labelled “Progressive” community. It bubbles just below the surface among the pseudo-left in Canada, generally masked by the use of code words such as “anti-zionist”. From time to time however the mask slips.

Meanwhile Richard Moon lubs Terrorists

Oh looky John Baglow aka Dr. Dawg, one of Warren Kinsella’s friends, is down with it too. about it here and here.