A message from CAF – the Canadian Anti-Semite Federation

The CAF is railing against Jason Kenney again. Ya know there’s a good reason we have stereotypes. “These stereotypes against the Arab and Muslim communities is being propagated on several websites and through countless media outlets on a daily basis.” Well, that was certainly my intention.

Added Expose Bonus! CAF’s Jason Kenney File, Oh the horror! Why it reads as a litany…a litany of the triumph of common sense over Liberal Multicult madness;)

My favourite excerpt: February 3rd 2009: “There is no need for you to send me your press releases. I am not interested in reading them. Thank you for your cooperation.” “Actually, on second thoughts, keep writing me. Your emails are hilarious.” – Minister Jason Kenney’s Director of Communications, Alykhan Velshi. – Thats why I subscribe;)


Delegates of Arab organizations from across Canada meeting in Toronto on Sunday March 8 2009 stand in solidarity with, and express their support for, the Canadian Arab Federation and its leadership. The delegates categorically reject the baseless accusations against the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) made by the Canadian Jewish Congress, B’nai Birth, the National Post and Jason Kenney; Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

Arab Canadians are Semites and hail from various faiths, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other faiths. We oppose all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and enjoy strong allies in both the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities. We are apprehensive about the threats made by Minister Kenney to withhold funds from CAF’s settlement services. We are deeply concerned that the inflammatory remarks made by Mr. Jason Kenney, both in Canada and overseas, are creating a wedge in Canadian society and have inflamed a campaign to marginalize and demonize the already targeted Arab and Muslim Canadian communities. These stereotypes against the Arab and Muslim communities is being propagated on several websites and through countless media outlets on a daily basis.

These escalating campaigns cannot be simply in response to an unfortunate use of language by CAF’s President who quoted Jewish American author Dr. Norman Finkelstein and described the Minister as a “professional whore who supports war.” The campaign of intimidation launched by the Israeli lobby and their supporters is seeking to delegitimize Arab Canadian institutions, services, access to public funds and to silence all critics of Israel – following its war on Gaza that resulted in the death of 418 children and 108 women – by equating such criticism with anti-Semitism being anti-Semitic. Besides CAF, the campaign has targeted prominent Jewish Canadians such as Naomi Klein and Judy Rebick, and CUPE Ontario, CUPW, the Canadian Federation of Students of Ontario and student organizations on campuses across Canada. We are dismayed by:

·attacks against unions who have a history of democratic practice;
·threats to withhold private donor funds from those academic institutions that uphold the principles of open political debate and freedom of expression for all their students
·the rise in racist attacks against Arab and Muslim students and other racialized groups on campuses.

We call upon Prime Minister Harper to restrain his Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and to put an end to his dangerous campaign of attacking CAF with slanderous and damaging accusations for which he has provided no evidence.

Lord love a duck.