Ted Belman of Israpundit & Meir Weinstein ask Bernie Farber the Magic Question: WTF Up with you and that Jackal Dude?

Now with added BCL deflating update! See below – Truly a must read;)

Meir Weinstein to Bernie Farber

Original Message—–
From: jdlcanada@jdl.org [mailto:jdlcanada@jdl.org]
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 11:00 AM
To: Bernie Farber

Hi Bernie,

Some very disturbing emails have come my way. They involve Warren Kinsella and his position with regards to two women pro Israel bloggers, Kate MacMillan and Kathie Shaidle. I will first provide you with a copy of these emails and then explain my concerns: (Read the Kinsella threat here)

Bernie, I did a simple check on Warren Kinsella’s web site and noticed that he gave advice to a law suit filed by students that represent the Canadian Islamic Congress against Mark Steyn. This is direct from his web site:

“I and a few others met with these young folks, a few weeks ago, and advised them to stop trusting Maclean’s. Some of the editors there are Janus-faced* ideologues, who excel at torque and tilt. These young people, meanwhile, were genuinely offended by what the magazine’s country club bigot, Mark Steyn, had written about them. They simply wanted an opportunity to respond – not, as Maclean’s has falsely claimed, control of the whole magazine”.

Bernie, many in the Jewish Community are not happy at all with the direction we are heading or the perceived lack of strong Jewish Leadership. I used to read some of Ezra Levant’s postings that are anti CJC and always dismissed them and gave CJC the benefit of the doubt.
However, after reading these emails and reviewing Warren Kinsella’s web site, I have to now give Ezra Levant the benefit of doubt.

There needs to be an investigation. Is this an isolated event or are there many more cases. How is it possible that an official with the Canada Israel Committee can provide any advice to the Canadian Islamic Congress after their leader stated on the Michael Coren Show:
“The president of the Canadian Islamic Congress is under fire for saying all Israelis above the age of 18 are legitimate targets of attack. Mohamed Elmasry made the comments Tuesday on the Michael Coren Live TV show …

When asked whether “anyone over the age of 18 in Israel is a valid target,” Elmasry replied: “Anybody above 18 is part of the (Israeli) army.”

The show’s moderator followed with another question: “Anyone in Israel, irrespective of gender, over the age of 18 is a valid target?”

“Yes, I would say,” Elmasry responded.

Elmasry said on the show that since all adult Israelis are part of their country’s army, they are not bystanders in the conflict.

“But they are not innocent if they are part of the total population which is part of the army. … From 18 on, they are soldiers, even if they have civilian clothes,” Elmasry said.”

Bernie, please explain.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

Ted Belman to Bernie Farber

Subject: RE: Very Shocking News

I am familiar with the work of Kathy Shaidle and totally endorse her point of view. She is a highly regarded journalist and blogger. She is not alone in her condemnation of liberalism and multiculturalism. She can make her case. Can the liberals make theirs? That’s what dialogue and debate is all about. It is not about banning anyone.

These two links make the case.

The house that liberalism built

Europe’s Woes, America’s Warning

Kathy wants to stand and fight (resist) Islamazation.. Liberals just want to get along.

Surely it is important for Kathy’s views to be heard.

Ted Belman
416-### ####

Upperdate: Hmmm isn’t Warren Kinsella suing Ezra Levant for making a very similar statement to this one made by Meir Weinstein in reference to the Jackal and the Canadian Islamic Congress – “How is it possible that an official with the Canada Israel Committee can provide any advice to the Canadian Islamic Congress”

Why yes indeed the Jackal has a suit against Ezra for just that!

Could it be that Meir sent the follow up e-mail, (see my original update below) for an entirely different motivation than was explained to me by my source? Just asking is all;) If Warren allows this statement to stand unchallenged it will potentially defeat his claim against Levant especially in light of the fact that this exchange was widely circulated. However the Cat is out of the Bag , the statement was made public and perhaps a make nice e-mail was needed to soothe a seething Jackal. The Jackal is already in a hole, I can’t see him suing Mr. JDL, can you?

Update: A comment was left on my blog this morning in an unrelated post. I deleted the comment as I had no way of verifying it’s authenticity. BCL’s buddy Mordechai picked up on it, magically, and BCL has posted on it. The authenticity of the comment I deleted I have since confirmed. You can read the comment on BCL’s blog.

Meir Weinstein made the comments in an e-mail follow up to his earlier e-mail which I have posted above. Contrary to the fabrication made by BCL I did not delete anything from the e-mail I posted. We are talking about 2 seperate e-mails not one. My source disclosed that Meir sent the follow up e-mail in an effort to appease Bernie Farber and keep the dialogue open with him over Warren Kinsella’s attempt to strongarm the Canada Israel Committee and mollify Bernie over Meirs statement that Kinsella offered aid to the sockpuppets of the Cdn. Islamic Congress. Bernie is obviously still hurting over having Kinsella’s position with the CJC terminated. Meir makes nice in order to mitigate the sting of his earlier missive.

However this is not the issue, merely a sideshow. Lets not forget that Warren Kinsella abused his position with the Liberal Party of Canada when he attempted to strongarm the CIC in an effort to further a demented personal vendetta, and that is a matter that will not go away.

Warren and Bernie are good buddies, the Mutt and Jeff of State Sponsored Censorship, it is understandable that Bernie would be upset at further attacks on the Jackal after being taken to the woodshed by the Canada Israel Committee over the Jackals now terminated position with the Canadian Jewish Congress.