The Lying Jackal – Too stupid not to leave a paper trail

This is the e-mail exchange that sank Warren Kinsella with the Canada Israel Committee and the Canadian Jewish Congress. The e-mails are between Warren Kinsella and an official of the Canada Israel Committee. As a courtesy to the CIC representative I have redacted his name. He is to be praised for having stood up to the Jackal’s threat.

In the exchange Warren Kinsella, Michael Ignatieff’s “War-room chief” threatens to use his influence to denounce the CIC to the Liberal Party of Canada if the CIC does not accede to his brazen demands that Pro-Israel bloggers Kate MacMillan of smalldeadanimals and Kathy Shaidle of 5FeetOfFury, subjects of an on-going personal vendetta by Warren, be excluded from a CIC sponsored trip to Israel. Sources have disclosed that Kinsella’s e-mail was rightfully perceived as a threat when reviewed by the CIC board, the matter was considered, a vote was taken, and a near unanimous decision rendered that Warren Kinsella’s relationship with the Canadian Jewish Congress be terminated.

What sort of mind makes this kind of threat? Why ask a Liberal like Michael Ignatieff. He’d know.

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 03:59:21
To: name redacted
Cc: Bernie Farber

Subject: Re: Confidential Response re: Any developments on Shaidle and McMillan?

Name Redacted:

If they proceed with this, it will be a huge mistake, one they will regret profoundly.

Personally, I will not have anything to do with CIC ever again. Period. And if the media contacts me about this, I will not observe silence. That is not a threat; it is me being the person you have known for many years.

Moreover, I will contact friends in Israel to warn them about these two women, and to suggest they not be permitted entry. My loyalty is to Israel, not organizations who are recklessly indifferent to sad truths.

Finally, as far as the LPC goes, if I asked for my advice – and I am all the time – I will say that CIC has utterly marginalized itself, and that it is not a voice we need necessarily heed going forward. It will have provided material support to two women who regularly characterize Liberals as criminals, pedophiles and anti-Semites, and thereby made a clear partisan choice.

There will be other Jewish organizations that will fill the leadership gap, and who will have not indicated a shocking indifference to bigotry and white supremacy.

That CIC made such an invitation in the absence of the facts about these two women was bad enough; for CIC to stubbornly persist in the invitations, even after receiving the clear facts about their disgusting expressions of hate (to all peoples but Israel), is far, far worse.


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From: name redacted
To: Warren Kinsella
Cc: Bernie Farber
ReplyTo: name redacted
Subject: Confidential Response re: Any developments on Shaidle and McMillan?
Sent: Feb 17, 2009 10:26 PM

(I know you won’t object to my having copied BF on this note since he was involved in the discussion)

I studied the issue – agree with only some of the concerns you raised – spoke with Bernie – agreed with only some of the concerns he raised, prepared a lengthy note to the CIC Executive and asked them to make a decision.

In my note I faithfully conveyed your objections and provided links for them to assess the material in context without me as a filter. I characterized you as a cherished friend – both in terms of your support for Israel and our longstanding personal relationship and discussed Bernie is similar terms.

That said, I do want you to know that I rejected outright your caution regarding our standing with the LPC if we go ahead – much like I rejected threats from some quarters during the two year era of the Martin Liberals that your presence on the CIC Board seriously compromised any ability for us to enjoy a constructive relation with the Liberal Party. I also believe the issue is not nearly as black and white as you present. You are way smarter than me and much more skilled in the art of argumentation, so I wouldn’t even think to engage in a debate about it.

However, I don’t want to hide behind the Board’s skirt – I respect you too much and believe I should be completely forthright. If this was exclusively my call, I would proceed with the trip and not withdraw the invitations extended to the two bloggers you flagged as objectionable. But, it is no longer my call… I will let you know as soon as they arrive at a decision. Either way, everyone involved is absolutely committed to Israel and I hope their focus will not be distracted from addressing the core challenges confronting us.

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Subject: Any developments on Shaidle and McMillan?
Sent: Feb 17, 2009 15:38

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