Not so good to know…some Human Rights Commissions are even bigger asses than our own

Social club out of Assembly’s crosshairs.

Peter Metcalfe, a particularly vocal member of the group, framed the controversy as a series of missteps compounded by a rush to judgment that ultimately “made a mockery of human rights.”

“How’d they get steered so wrong?… I can’t imagine sitting on a commission and talking about this. For them to make an issue of this – isn’t there something more important? How about Alaskan Natives, their graduation rates? There’s lots of human rights issues out there. This isn’t one of them,” Metcalfe said. “They made this whole big issue out of a stupid Web site.”

The offending page: “Men’s Crisis Cemter”


Human rights group offers apology – An incident occurred in the last two months that we regret, and we would like to publicly apologize to members of a group that call themselves the Men’s Crisis Center.

Canada will need a “Truth and Reconcilliation Commission” to undo the damage done by our PC Kommissars.

Hmmm this give me an idea, how bout a new “Awards Contest” focussing on the inane and not not so inane shenangians of HRC’s around the world…we could call them the “Jennies”.