Bernie’s CJC Interfaith Outreach With The Muslim Community is Clearly Having An Effect;)

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Crazy Quotes from Zionists.

The History Of The Rothschild’s Global Order & Zionist Agenda..

It is our duty as a Muslim., PROTEST

The Poster “Koroigetsuga” is a York University student, why am I not surprised;)

In honour of Bernie & the Ceej, Scaramouche has penned “The Jews of Silence”

Hello, Bernie, hello, Len.
I’ve come to talk with you again.
Because a rally full of hate and ire
Seems poised to set off an almighty fire
And the vision of Jew-hatred we thought dead
Fills me with dread,
How ‘bout you Jews of silence?

In restless dreams you all seem lost
Thinking your thoughts of Holocaust.
Searching for Nazis under basement rugs.
Meanwhile ignoring the Islamist thugs.
Then our ears were stabbed by
“Jew children gonna f***king die,”
Made me cry.
How ‘bout you Jews of silence?

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
“Protesters” rioting in London town,
Burning cars and mowing people down.
Will Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam write a refrain
‘Bout a Peace Train
For all the Jews of silence?

“Fools,” said I, “You silent Jews.
Hunting for Nazis–that’s old news.
Speak up now or fore’er hold your peace
Jihadi hatred isn’t going to cease.”
But their words don’t ever seem to come
Seems they’re numb
How come they’re Jews of silence?

And the people seethe and yell,
“Kill Juden; Down with Is-ra-el.”
And the crowd flashed out its warming
With all the venom that it was forming.
But the Ceej said,
“The words of the Nazis are written on some washroom walls.”
It’s what appalls
And frightens Jews of silence.