Don’t worry bout me..

By Billie Holiday.


Now is the time for Good-Byes. The fight for free speech goes on but the tide has irrevocably turned against the censors. I am confident that the thugs of the CHRC and the few remaining cranks who support the vile Section 13(1) will see their petty tyranny in ashes by year end.

Look to the right… you’ll find a list of fine blogs who carry on.

Thank you all for the enormous good fun this experience has been.

PS. Thanks to all of you who have commented and also to those who have e-mailed me privately with your best wishes. If in future the fates allow BCF will be back in action but as it stands I simply have too much on my plate at the present time.

PPS. However I’m sure High Horse Priestess Jenny and the other Human Rights Cultists will do something to provoke an unexpected return;)