The Thought Criminals behind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Sic em Jenny, use Section 13 (1) retroactively

Father Raymond J.De Souza, National Post

The intellectual heavy lifting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a signal contribution of an emerging Christian humanism, which grounded human rights in a theological vision of the human person. While the language of UDHR is necessarily universal, the animating principles flow from the vision articulated by devout Christian philosophers and statesmen Jacques Maritain, Rene Cassin and Charles Malik.

Today, those thinkers would all be considered suspect by the international human rights bureaucracy, which finds religion in general and Christianity in particular to be a threat to, not a bulwark of, human rights. The descent of the UN human rights apparatus from defending fundamental liberties to advocating for the policies of the elite, libertine, global left was clear at UN headquarters here yesterday.

In Canada, our “human rights commissions” have, in the past year, been exposed as unworthy of the name.