New Poll to Freep;) – J-Source is taking nominations for “Canadian Newsperson of the year 2008”, Hmmm why were Ezra & Mark Steyn edited out?

Gee wonder what J-Source has against Mark Steyn & Ezra? Nothin to do with Alleged Journalism Professor John Gordon Miller I presume😉

Here’s the notification I received in my e-mail announcing the nominations for Canadian Newsperson of the Year 2008:

Journalists making headlines

By (Regan Ray)
Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant both battled cases in human rights commissions. And the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente was embroiled in her share of controversies. There were also some big personnel changes. Sarah Fulford moved up to the …
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Here’s the final copy on the J-Source site:

Newsperson of the Year: your nominations, please

2008 was a year when journalists didn’t just break news but in the process made news as well. Most recently, Mellissa Fung’s kidnapping catapulted her (and the CBC’s John Cruickshank) into the spotlight.’s always provocative Heather Mallick stirred up controversy, as did Steve Murphy at CTV with his interview of Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, and The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente. Sarah Fulford moved up to the top job at Toronto Life magazine and John Macfarlane took over at The Walrus.

Well Boy’s looks like we gots a nomination process to freep;)

Send your nominations to: , subject line – Nominations