Bishop Ignatieff to be acclaimed Liberal Pope

Let the hagiography of the worlds 1st living saint begin. The soon to be St. Iggy gives to the Toronto Party exactly what they want – an image of who they believe themselves to be, worldly, urbane, academic with just a whiff of superior pedigree and noblesse oblige. A sense of absolution is also hinted at, no matter that St. Iggy consorts with Jackals. It remains doubtful that this passion play will have legs in the proclaimed heretical strongholds beyond the 416 however, so great a schism now exists.

Bob Rae, clearly having succumbed to Satan’s temptations and denounced St. Iggy as a false messiah will be cast out of Liberal Heaven as a demon and exiled to hell or sent back to the NDP, whichever is worse.

Dion it is rumoured will be made Mother Superior of an obscure order honouring St. Jude – Patron saint of Lost Causes, a vow of silence welcomed.