CHRC U.N. Report “Stakeholder” Canadian Arab Federation Has Glowing Review Of Greg Felton’s Jew-Baiter Opus “The Host & The Parasite” in Newsletter

That Jennifer Lynch and her CHRC Kommissars are incompetent is known, that they could sink to this latest low indicates an intrinsic cultural rot of a far more pernicious nature.

On Dec 5th the CHRC released its Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Universal Periodic Review of Canada in 2009, in which The Canadian Arab Federation is listed as a contributing “Stakeholder” in the section “Discrimination and hate”. This “stakeholder” has just published a glowing review of Greg Felton’s “Host & The Parasite”

Discrimination & Hate

19. Canada has established programs to counter racism and other forms of discrimination, and to promote tolerance, which is an encouraging sign. Nevertheless, several stakeholders have noted an increase in hate-based crimes in Canadian society, while others see increased hate propaganda, particularly on the Internet,34 as a situation that is cause for concern.

34. See inter alia

Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) & Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), Brief on the Review of the Anti-terrorism Act, Justice, Human Rights, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee on Public Safety and National Security, September 2005.

It is a minor mystery why the CHRC continues to assert that The CAF is some sort of authoritative voice worthy of consultation and our consideration, they cannot be unaware of this organizations well documented history of hate, their involvement cannot be explained away by ignorance. What’s behind it? Is it simply that the the CHRC is as morally bankrupt as their stakeholders? Is it CAF’s historic support of the Liberal Party and by extension the Liberal Party’s official support for the CHRC’s thought crime law Section 13(1)? Or does it suggest “that the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission is, in its choice of “stakeholders”, latently antisemitic?”

By the way, this is the same CAF the Liberal McGuinty Government gave 20G’s to fight “Hate Crime“. Following is the CAF’s enthusiastic review of Felton’s deranged masterwork.

Ya gotta love this line “Only abject subservience to Israel can explain the World Trade Center attack, the invasion of Iraq, and now the campaign to justify an attack on Iran.”

Some Stakeholder, Some Stake! I guess when you’re the CHRC you can’t be too choosey about your friends or can you? The CHRC’s report is an embarassment to all Canadians. Someone, all of them should be fired!

From CAF Weekly Bulletin Dec 5

9- Amid the spate of books coming out focusing on the Israel Lobby and its dominant role in pushing the U.S. to commit aggression in Iraq, we should remember that Canadian author Greg Felton was first out of the gate last year with his The Host and The Parasite—How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America.

More than just decrying the Lobby’s influence, he gives a thorough, scholarly analysis of how the Israel Lobby, evangelical Christians and neo-cons together rode to power in the 1980s and proceeded to turn the United States into Israel’s willing executioner. Among the many threads Greg weaves together are: • the deliberate sabotage of the U.S. national interest for the sake of Israeli expansionism; • the demonization of Muslims as a key tactic to make acceptable mass murder, torture and gross violations of civil liberties; • the intimidation by extra-governmental Zionist “think tanks”; • the creation of the al-Qa‘ida myth to foster a common enemy; and • U.S. complicity in Israel’s war of extermination against Palestinians.

No other motive, not even oil, can make sense of these and other seemingly irrational acts. Only abject subservience to Israel can explain the World Trade Center attack, the invasion of Iraq, and now the campaign to justify an attack on Iran. Due to a problem with his publisher, the book is only available through Greg until he can find a new one.

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Host and Parasite Review In CAF Weekly Bulletin Dec 5