CHRC sends a progress report to it’s Turtle Bay Marxist Masters, cites Cair-Can, CAF and Bernie Farber as “Reliable Sources”

The CHRC is a rogue government agency beholden not to the people of Canada or its government but rather to its masters at the U.N.

CHRC Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Universal Periodic Review of Canada in 2009

Under the heading “Poverty and human rights” the CHRC continues its most naked power grab to date in the guise of “Social Condition”. Social Condition is the same marxist crap that helped bring us the Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis. Here’s an excerpt from an previous report commissioned by the CHRC on implementing their marxist ideology:

“We were told during our consultations that complaints were filed with the Commission on behalf of single mothers denied mortgages because they were on welfare or could not meet minimum income requirements.”

WTF? Really, you mean having no money and no job means you don’t qualify for a mortgage in Canada? Oh those heartless bankers! Social Condition is not about guaranteeing equality of opportunity rather it is about guaranteeing equality of outcome.

Poverty and human rights

8. The human rights legislation of all provinces and territories include provisions that prohibit poverty-related discrimination to various degrees (e.g., on the related grounds of “social status” or “social condition”, which are broader than poverty but encompass it); however, the federal Canadian Human Rights Act contains no such provision. The Commission has often recommended that the Parliament of Canada add “social condition” as the 12th prohibited ground of discrimination in the federal legislation. As the Commission noted in its 2003 Annual Report to Parliament: “Since 1976, when Canada ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the government has had an obligation to look at poverty as a human rights issue. In many respects, Canada has fallen short in meeting this duty. The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has commented on the persistence of poverty in our country for particularly vulnerable groups and has called on Canada to expand protection in human rights legislation . . . to protect poor people . . . from discrimination because of social or economic status.”6

And of course theres always lots of Hate to go round, especially the manufactured variety, after all we Canucks are just Genocidal Monsters by Nature.

Discrimination and hate

19. Canada has established programs to counter racism and other forms of discrimination, and to promote tolerance, which is an encouraging sign. Nevertheless, several stakeholders have noted an increase in hate-based crimes in Canadian society, while others see increased hate propaganda, particularly on the Internet,34 as a situation that is cause for concern.

Guess what 34 links you to? Why none other than the usual suspects in the “Manufactured Hate Crime Industry” Bernie Farber , The CAF & Cair-Can – together again for the 1st time – United in their goal to strip their fellow citizens of their Charter Right to Freedom of Speech! Wow Multi-Cult Works!

34. See, inter alia:

Bernie M. Farber, The Internet and Hate Promotion: The 21st-Century Dilemma, in Canadian Issues, Spring 2006.
Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) & Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), Brief on the Review of the Anti-terrorism Act, Justice, Human Rights, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee on Public Safety and National Security, September 2005.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, wake up, you are an embarassment to Canada, realize that only you and your dwindling coterie of Little Stalins support Section 13(1).