Dear Conservative Party of Canada,

Thanks for nothing CPC. Barring a very unexpected miracle by our Bloc Loving, Liberal Appointed, Socialist GG everything is over but the shouting.

The CPC managed to turn a small victory into an abject rout at the expense of all Canadians. Many of us are now left numb and immobilized with dread, we stand like tin soldiers waiting to be knocked over in the economic hail storm that will surely follow the socialists 1st 5 year plan.

I do not buy into the belief that the Liberals and NDP will forever be tarred for having allied themselves with the Bloc, the people, having had their sense of economic security shattered, will point fingers at one party only. However, this assumes they will even have time to care, they will have far greater things to worry about than the politicians who played so callously with their families security. The one thing they won’t do is forget – there was no need to have staked everything on the defunding issue, right policy, wrong time.

The CPC has rightfully earned the scorn of its base having ignored and marginalized many on key issues. The CPC’s tepid response to the public outrage at the CHRC’s abuses is the yardstick by which to measure the party’s commitment to conservative & democratic values. On that count they have failed miserably, and now we find ourselves with a party that has lead us all on a fools parade to political suicide.

Merry Christmas CPC.

Update: It is evident that the plans of the coalition were plotted well in advance, a not surprising revelation – it’s what politcal strategists do. Were these plans known by the CPC? Even as a rumour? Why did the CPC risk everything on the defunding issue? Was it to provoke the opposition to act? Why did the CPC not wait until the opposition made the 1st move? Once the oppositions coalition intentions were clear the CPC could have gone straight to the Canadian public to make their case – one I am sure would be favourably received. Sorry but I simply do not see any master plan at work here, it seems the CPC gambled that the opposition would avoid an election at all costs and discounted the coalition option, if the matter was considered at all. Until presented with evidence to the contrary I maintain that this was simply a gross miscalculation by the CPC and not, God forbid, part of some cynical “Long Game” strategy.