Forget that our government and stock markets are in free-fall etc etc etc… I got something important to complain about

Why do we not deserve a real “History Channel” in Canada? Has anyone else stared in stunned disbelief at the program lineup offered up as “History” – I mean NCIS? Axemen, WTF???

My wrath and disgust are reserved most of all for History on Film, hosted by Ann Medina, which purports to match a documentary with a relevant film on the same subject. The most recent offering paired a doc on the rise and fall of the battleship with get this – Steven Seagals “Under Siege”.

Has Ann Medina been drugged? Is she desperate for cash? What else explains her continued presence on this atrocity of a show? I wonder what went through her mind when she saw that pairng? I figure she hit the bottle really really hard before stepping out on set to announce that combo. I felt genuinely embarrassed for the poor woman.

The History Channel should charged with crimes against humanity, the torture of Ann Medina must end.