Muslimas! Shake off the chains of oppression…

..and whack him upside the head wit em!

Domestic violence fatwa stirs outrage

CAIRO // While the Quran permits a husband physically to discipline his wife should she disobey him, a recent wave of rulings by Islamic scholars are encouraging women to fight back.This week, Sheikh Abdel Hamid Al Atrash, who heads the committee for fatwas, or religious edicts, at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Sunni Islam’s highest institute, ruled that women are entitled to use violence to defend themselves from abusive husbands.

Last week, Saudi Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Al Abyakan was quoted by Shams, a Saudi newspaper, urging women to resort to “the same kind of violence” their husbands use against them, whether it be with a leather strap or a wire cable.

Well, Islamic reform at last;)