Bernie Farber! York University must be full of Nazis! Sic em!

York acts on Jewish holiday policy – ends 34 year tradition

York insists it did not end it’s policy due to a current Ontario Human Rights Commission complaint which opposed York’s practice of cancelling classes on Jewish religious holidays. Maybe so but I doubt it.

I think the larger issue at hand is how our Human Rights Commissions are so easily infiltrated & corrupted by whoever has managed to wrest control. The OHRC, once a strong hold of activist NGO’s such as the CJC and B’nai Brith is now effectively controlled by the Islamists.

The current battle line is Section 13 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the infamous thought crime law that has turned Canada into North Korea uh, North.

B’nai Brith in their submission to the CHRC’s sham review hopes that Section 13 (1) can be tamed and used to their advantage as they wage war against our common enemy Islamist Lawfare. Mohamed Elmasry and the CIC hope Section 13 (1) can also be tamed and used to favour their on going efforts to silence critics of Radical Islam.

So there we have it, the CJC, B’nai Brith & the CIC are competing interests with anti-democratic agendas hoping to rob us all of our right to free speech. Section 13(1) is a dangerous law that grants a degree of power no government agency should ever possess, especially agencies such as the CHRC which have proven themselves susceptible to corruption and excess.

Section 13 (1) must be scrapped to prevent it and the HRC’s from being corrupted by these anti-democratic elements.