Reader Mail: So the Uke says to the Pollack…Section 13(1) sucks perogies

Letter to the editor Sarnia Observer, sent in response to this misguided missive:

Sir:In response to the letter to the editor from Barb Pazdziora (“Column was upsetting,” The Observer, Oct. 22, 2008).

I, too, am an immigrant whose family still very much has a Ukrainian accent. To say that The Observer or its journalist should somehow be punished for an opinion piece makes one wonder if Ms. Pazdziora was truly born in Canada. After reading her letter, I might have thought communist Poland.

What “rules” should we as Canadians be following — the very cut and dried indications of the Canadian Constitution and Canadian law or the vague outlines of section 13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Code?

The rights to freedom of speech, expression and religion are all in great danger as a result of this particular section in a code that does not even deign to allow itself to be governed by the standard rules of law. It simply runs rampant over our rights as Canadians, saying that it is “protecting” the rights of “other” Canadians.

Aren’t we all entitled to our opinions? Aren’t we all entitled to the same rights?

Apparently not in Ms. Pazdziora’s Canada.

Former Sarnia resident, Robert Nichols

PS. I luv perogies;)