Ezra Levant: A new low for ‘human rights’

Ezra has a column in the National Post on former MP Jim Pankiw’s CHRC witch trial.

But for CHRC lawyers and bureaucrats to weigh and measure Pankiw’s political views is an outrageous incursion into the political affairs of Parliament.

It’s unlikely that Pankiw will win, because the CHRC isn’t a real court, and real defences don’t apply. It’s presided over by a non-judge, and the hearing is stacked with every kind of politically correct apparatchik around. Take one of the “experts” relied upon by the CHRC, Derek Smith of Carleton University. As Terry O’Neill reported whenthe complaint was filed more than four years ago, Smith found proof of Pankiw’s racism in the colour of ink used in the brochures: black and red, on white paper…

Read the rest, it is chilling how the out of control Kommissars of the CHRC continue to threaten democracy.

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