Pearl’s before swine or the wrongheaded ruminations of an impressively stupid woman, my BFF Pearl Eliadis;)

Officially, it’s three-strikes-and-out for El Mo & the Socks at the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission and the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal. But the tireless “human rights” apparatchik Pearl Eliadis isn’t going to let any tedious technicality like three dismissals get in the way of her pushback against the Steyn-Levant threat to the deranged Dominion’s “human rights” racket. She returns to the fray in a long snoozeroo of a piece in Maisonneuve magazine called “The Controversy Entrepreneurs” – a not-quite-good-enough concept she’s been valiantly attempting to plant in the zeitgeist for some months now.

Read the rest, it’s good fun.

Big Hat Tip to Scaramouche.