“We know the larger issues involved here. They go much farther than the reach of your jokes.” – Steve Beckow

Away back in January of this odd year I posted on this troofer site PatriotsQuestion9/11 noting it featured several Canadians among them former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer and the above quoted Steve Beckow a retired member of the Immigration and Refugee board.

Well Steve is upset at my mocking tone and so he dropped by the blog to enlighten us about the good fight he and Paul are waging to shed light on the Real Truth behind 9/11.

Steve wants us to know: “If one then follows the lies that President Bush engaged in afterwards, if one knows that the order to invade Afghanistan was on Bush’s desk before 9/11 and the troops already massed to invade Afghanistan, if one knows that Osama bin Laden was lying ill in a Pakistani hospital in Rawalpindi on Sept. 11, 2001 and was not taken into custody, that most of the hijackers said to die on the plane are still alive, including one who was said to have stabbed a stewardess and then died in the crash, it gets harder and harder to accept that 19 Arab hijackers with boxcutter could have carried out these events. “

Thanks for stoppin by Steve but I think I’ll stick with the jokes;)

You may read the rest of Steve’s commentary here.