Stupidity makes shows a hit

Intellevision by Rick McGinnis

THICK AS A BRICK: Smart will keep your car running or give you a really clever way to avoid holidays with the family, but stupid makes the world go around, as well as putting the “rama” in drama. Let’s face it – most of the energy expended over the course of human history has been put into fixing the screw-ups and boners people make when their judgment is off or their ability to think past “kill-eat-fornicate” is stuck in neutral, with all the good stuff – altruism, innovation, selflessness and nobility – being done on weekends and evenings, on a pro bono basis.

The same thing goes with drama and comedy, the cookie and filling of the entertainment Oreo; think of how short Macbeth would have been if the title character had encountered the trio of witches in that misty forest clearing and gone “Uh yeah – three verbose hags crouched in some Scottish wood claim to control the weather in the eastern Mediterranean. Sure thing, babes. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to be getting home to divorce my bossy shrew of a wife.” The play would be an act long, and end with Macbeth and Banquo giving bumps to the king and heading home for some haggis and single malt.

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