Only an NDP supporter could write this…

A letter to the Editor of the Sarnia Observer:


I am Canadian born, but I am also proud of my Polish roots.

I must tell you that I am deeply disturbed by a poorly written and researched column by Dan McCaffery, “History not in favour of NDP” (The Observer, Oct. 7, 2008).

To describe Andy Bruziewicz, a major candidate in the recent federal election, as “an unassuming figure with a Polish accent that makes it difficult for some to understand what he’s saying” is an insult to all immigrants with an accent. Combined with your attempt to marginalize the party he was representing makes your story a good example of what manipulative journalism is all about.

You did it just a week before people went to the polls, thus making it impossible for Andy to counter the effect of your mind-twisting effort.

In the absence of any other major development in the campaign, the collapse of Andy’s support from front-runner to runner-up in the last week of the campaign shows that the damage done by The Observer was critical to the outcome of this election.

The Observer should face consequences for its actions.

I strongly encourage Andy to file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. There should be no place for bigotry in Canadian journalism.

Canada is a country enriched by the diversity of its people and the media should respect that.

Barb Pazdziora Sarnia

Well I respect the fact that your a raving idiot Barb. Anybody know any good Polish Jokes?

God help us all.