Election bric a brac…Libs lose Truffles the Hobbit… Liberals change name to Toronto Party, Maggie Attwood saved Harpers butt

Blogosphere loses rich source of humour, will Dion be next? Heh even Rabble gets in on the act-

“Jason introduced a new verb to the world: “to cherniak” – to apply political spin so bizarrely and blindly partisan so as to remove all remaining shreds of credibility”

In other election news…

Dion & Duceppe shows gains in Quebec, capturing the “Hey dose maudit anglais are makin fun of our accent” swing voters.

Jay Currie on the rebirth of the Liberals as the “Toronto Party”.

Mark Steyn on the election results.

Harper made a tactical gaffe with the timing of his Arts Cuts announcement, Margaret Attwood saved his butt however, thanks Maggie.

Jack Layton learns the Islamist vote ain’t quite the vote grabber he hoped for…

Lizzie May faces new challenge, begins work on Unified Field Theory linking Global Warming and 9/11 conspiracy

Garth Turner voted most ungracious loser for his parting shot declaring Harper as the leader most in jeapardy over election showing

Peter Kent elected! GTA saved from scrap heap! Of course not everyone is happy. Obtuse marxist buffoon Dr. Dawg labels Kent an unsavoury character and “member of an extremist group” that foments McCarthyite Anti-Muslim hysteria – The Canadian Coalition for Democracy.

Here’s Dawgs money quote from the CCD statement of purpose which proves they are an unsavoury extremist organization:

“At CCD, we believe that our foreign policy should reflect our respect for life and liberty. If we want peace, we must support beleaguered allies who share our Canadian values. Instead, many in our past governments have made it their career to condemn and criticize the United States and Israel, while being apologists for terrorists who celebrate the killing and maiming of men, women, and children. “

I guess this is opposed to the, uh how do you politely phrase it? Oh yea “anti-zionist” hysteria Dr. Dawg and his buddy CC foment.

more to come….