B.C. Human Rights Tribunal may never live down embarrassing Steyn fiasco

Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun – Panel’s hearing over Maclean’s article was an affront to free speech and a waste of public resources and time

“Maclean’s and Steyn didn’t deign to even offer a defence at the summer’s tomfoolery.

Who can blame them?

Still their temerity earned them the panel’s enmity.

The triumvirate was unable to resist taking a swipe at the defendants for supposedly “fuelling” the raging international controversy:

“At times, Maclean’s conduct of its case appeared to be directed to the media coverage of the hearing rather than supporting the positions it had taken in its original response to the complaint . . . . Maclean’s, for example, published an editorial critical of the complainants and the human rights process . . .”

There would have been no controversy if the tribunal had not provided this attention-seeking advocacy group with a soapbox.

Maclean’s was right to tell the tribunal to get lost and take its case to the public.

This process was illegitimate and these tinpot judges knew it.”

The rest.