Deb Gyapong: The BCHRT’s drive by smear of Macleans

The BCHRT is miffed and peeved at having their sordid little world exposed to the light. Like Ali- Baba Hall of the OHRC before them they couldn’t resist a drive by smear of Macleans & Steyn despite ruling in Macleans favour. See Deb’s post here.

In the Macleans case the BCHRT reveal their petulance further by chastising Macleans for not applying for dismissal of the complaint, thus avoiding this whole unflattering business of public scrutiny & debate.

Newsflash BCHRT, Macleans performed a public service by allowing this complaint to proceed. They understand how important this matter is both to themselves and the public.

Too bad your little Marxist sandcastle won’t stand the growing tide of public anger.