The BCHRT Roo’s save their butts – Islamists sent packin Macleans and Steyn Walk!

Update1: Canadian Islamic Congress issues crybaby response to the BCHRT ruling

TORONTO, Oct. 10 /CNW/ – Legal Counsel to the Canadian Islamic Congress(CIC), Faisal Joseph, responded today to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal’s decision in the case filed against Maclean’s magazine.

“We are pleased that the Tribunal acknowledged the article in question contained ‘numerous factual, historical, and religious inaccuracies about Islam and Muslims’ and that it attempted ‘to rally public opinion by exaggeration and causing the reader to fear Muslims,'” said Joseph. According to Joseph, the Tribunal also notes in paragraphs 94 and 151 of its ruling that the Maclean’s article contributed to the hatred and contempt of Muslims expressed by “several Internet blogs…which included calls to exterminate European Muslims with DDT because they were multiplying like mosquitoes, calls for an end to Muslim immigration, and calls for enough bullets or nuclear bombs to eliminate the Muslim problem.”

“We are disappointed that the Tribunal did not find that the article itself subjected Muslims to hate,” said Joseph. “However, it did not apply the same test for establishing hatred and contempt as it did in earlier rulings,” he added, referring to complaints submitted by the Canadian Jewish Congress and the B’nai Brith against the North Shore Free Press. “Had the same test been applied, the result may well have been different.”

“Nevertheless, we feel vindicated that human rights professionals in Ontario and British Columbia have acknowledged the role of Maclean’s in promoting societal intolerance toward Muslim Canadians,” said Joseph. “We hope that all news media will now take this opportunity to critically examine how Muslims are represented in their news and editorial coverage.”

(You bet we will;)

For further information: Faisal Joseph – Legal Counsel to the Canadian
Islamic Congress, (519) 640-6342

Update2: Khaled Mouammar has offered this response to my request for his reaction to the BCHRT Ruling.

It is unfortunate that the BC Human Rights Commission decided to rely on a test case that was dealt with by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals. Nevertheless, we are happy to note that the Commission clearly stated that Maclean’s articles were not factual and promoted Islamophobia and stereotyping.

Khaled Mouammar

Update3: Decision Posted on BCHRT site

The panel has concluded that the complaints are not justified because the complainants have not established that the Article is likely to expose them to hatred or contempt on the basis of their religion. Therefore, pursuant to s. 37(1) the complaints are dismissed.

H/T Freedo

Update Reactions: Consensus – NOT a victory until the HRC’s are stripped of the power to threaten citizens right to free speech. (So far I have received no reply to my request for reaction from Elmo & his VP at the CIC. Khaled Mouammar of the CAF has responded)

FiveFeetOfFury issues Press Release

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