Rabid Canadian Islamist Zafar Bangash calls for Global Jihad

So what must be done? First, Muslims should not become complacent: they must strive to deliver a resounding military defeat to the US of the same order as that was inflicted on the erstwhile Soviet Union. But military defeat is not enough; the US must be bled economically as well. Both are achievable goals. Second, Islamic Iran must take the lead in mobilizing the resources of the Ummah and must act as a coordinator to bring different strands of the global Islamic movement together. There is enough realization in the Ummah that leaders of Islamic Iran and Hizbullah represent the kind of model they find attractive and inspiring. It is this fusion of the central and disparate powers that must be realized.

Nature abhors a vacuum; if the Muslims do not fill this one, others will. Time is of the essence; Muslims must seize the moment and bring an end to US/Western hegemony in their lands as well as elsewhere.

I nominate Zafar Bangash as the Poster Child for Immigration reform.