Elmasry/CIC v. Macleans/Steyn decision to be released tomorrow – we hope;)

According to Steyn the BCHRT will release the Macleans/Elmasry/CIC ruling at Noon PST Friday Oct 10th, that’s 3 pm EST.

Well that’s nice of them, releasing this much anticipated decision on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend with an election date pending. As ever there is a silver lining, the decision will unquestionably boost sales for “The Tyranny of Nice”.

If BCHRT protocol was followed then the parties involved, Macleans and Elmasry/CIC were informed of the tribunals ruling today Thursday Oct 9th. They will each be sent a copy of the decision Friday morning and the decision will be posted on the BCHRT web site at Noon Pacific time, 3 pm EST.

Keep watching the Skys!